Active Formulary

Set-and-forget is not the way to run a formulary. We continuously run targeted analyses to proactively manage costs and improve clinical outcomes.

Our heritage is in academic medicine. We make formulary choices based on the most complete data possible for the best interests of the client, clinician and patient.

Therapeutic Integration

We combine pharmaceutical insights with clinical data and outcomes for a more holistic and accurate view of patient health. We put accurate pharmacy data in the hands of clinicians, who have the most power to improve a patient’s health.

Our pharmacists equip front-line clinicians with data on equally effective alternatives to high-cost drugs, offering cost control at the point of care, not just at the formulary level.

We can also identify high-risk patients and drug therapy problems that clinicians can address to improve medication adherence and cost control.

Advisory Services

Our experienced pharmacists can help you improve your pharmacy operations to achieve value for your organization. Our Advisory Services include:

  • Assessment & Planning ?
  • Implementation ?
  • Managed Services ?

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